XX is XXX corp., a wholly owned subsidiary, the registered capital of 10 million, the company is mainly engaged in the financial industry, the Internet, its platform "interpersonal harmony", is the domestic first social financial platform, the company set up more than half a year since the network of people of insight to come to cooperation, the company team has a MBA from tsinghua university, jilin university, master of study in Britain and other talents, the following is a summary platform, the platform is still in testing phase, day online, forgive me

           Interpersonal integration is the first social financial platform in China, and the platform is 

affiliated to cosco (Beijing) investment management co., LTD. The companyis committed to creating a safe, transparent and humanized social financial service platform to realize the best experience of investment and financing risk control and payment in the context of Internet social environment. The main founding team members graduated from tsinghua university and have rich experience in management of Internet, securities, banking and Internet loan.