XX is XXX corp., a wholly owned subsidiary, the registered capital of 10 million, the company is mainly engaged in the financial industry, the Internet, its platform "interpersonal harmony", is the domestic first social financial platform, the company set up more than half a year since the network of people of insight to come to cooperation, the company team has a MBA from tsinghua university, jilin university, master of study in Britain and other talents, the following is a summary platform, the platform is still in testing phase, day online, forgive me

             Interpersonal integration is the first social financial platform in China, and the platform is 

affiliated to cosco (Beijing) investment management co., LTD. The companyis committed to creating a safe, transparent and humanized social financial service platform to realize the best experience of investment and financing risk control and payment in the context of Internet social environment. The main founding team members graduated from tsinghua university and have rich experience in management of Internet, securities, banking and Internet loan.

1. The maintenance of fishing rod

When the fishing rod is not in use, it must be put into the sheath and properly maintained. The surface of the normal fishing rod can be cleaned with soft cloth on the surface. Clean the inner wall, take a thick cotton thread, and put a loose buckle in the middle, and tie a sponge that is slightly larger than the diameter of the inner wall, and then pass the sponge across the pole to remove the sponge. If the inner wall is dirty, wash with a little detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, and be sure to dry thoroughly. Then put the rods together, and use a small amount of evenly applied to the rod oil. Do not think that the more the better. The purpose of the rod oil after the rod is assembled is to avoid the rod oil on the joint, which will inadvertently increase the lubrication of the joint, resulting in unnecessary pulling effect.

Also pay attention to the hole in the end of the rod. If there is any clutter to clean up, make sure to breathe, otherwise it will affect the service life of the rod. After the fishing rod is completed, do not rush to cover the cap, for a week or so, when the water is fully volatilized, it will be packed in the top. It is best to put the rod vertically when collecting the pole, so the fishing rod is not easy to deform. At present, the price of the brand protection rod oil sold in the market is high, and the price is a small box of dozens of yuan. Apart from some expensive and expensive poles, there is no need to use the oil in all. In recent years, using petroleum jelly and car wax instead of rod oil, it feels good to rub on the rod and float. Because the car wax has the function of ultraviolet ray and blasting paint surface, it is suitable to use on the fishing rod. Vaseline is refined from the oil mineral wax, and protect the rod oil composition is basically the same, also have the function of the waterproof and repair tiny cracks, so with the fishing rod and float on the result is right also.

2. Maintenance of line

The line divides the water and the two kinds of water. If you don't have any water, just wrap it in a plastic bag and wrap it in a plastic bag. This can reduce the contact of the line and air, avoid the drying of the line body during winter, dry and brittle or oxidize. The line that undergoes water, must check first whether have scar, cannot use of throw away, can use also want to cut at opposite ends Frequently worn parts, long for short use. Then use clean water to wipe clean, air dry seal collection.