Fishing technique: after the waterline, why does you change?

2017-11-11 13:03:57

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​On the 28th, the first fish culture festival of heyuan lake wanghu was held in green valley, in the lake district

        On the 28th, the first fish culture festival of heyuan lake wanghu was held in green valley, in the lake district, and thousands of tourists, both men and women, took part in the activity. The event will be hosted by heyuan green valley leisure resort area and river source wanghu scenic spot, which will last until the 30th of this month. The activity aims to give visitors a taste of the good ecological environment and rich hakka culture. The relevant departments, such as heyuan city tourism bureau, said that they would focus on making fish culture festival special brand of river source tourism festival.

        In the afternoon, a brief hakka traditional rituals and after the opening ceremony held lake, the early stage of the nearly 600 visitors have to sign up in staff under a unified command, wearing a life jacket, sat down in the boat handwaving paddling down the lake to the designated area began to catch fish. In drums, trumpets, firecrackers and shouts of tourists, the lake fish gathers around 3,000 square meters of net. A nearly kilometer-long fishing net on the surface of the lake was slowly pulled by professionals and tourists on the shore, the fish leaping out of the water from time to time, and the spectacle of the crowd cheering.

        Two hours later, the crowd gathered together to collect the huge nets, catch herring, grass carp, carp, and so on. The fish, the first fish (the heaviest fish in the bottom of the lake) weighed 25 kilograms. At the subsequent fish auction, Ms. Ho took the first fish at 50,000 yuan and set it free on the scene. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to the east star village committee, which is located in green valley, to help the poor family members of the village.

        Since it was opened in 2007, green valley has put hundreds of thousands of fish fry in fixed waters every year. These fish are naturally grown in green lakes, and they are very sweet and attractive. During the event, the organizers also carried out activities such as streaming-fishing shrimp, rice paddies holding loach, lake and other activities.